It was so close I could smell it!!

There was a big thunderstorm heading our way today. I was tracking it on the weather radars. A severe thunderstorm warning was issued. The temperature dropped to 24C (still with a 30C humidex of course). I could smell the rain. The sky darkened. And then…


The storm went away.

Still no rain ;-(

Just north of town they got poured on. But not the Sault.

I did turn off my air conditioner and emerge from my cave though. I couldn’t stand another second in there!


Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

4 Replies to “It was so close I could smell it!!

  1. if it rained every day, would you be asking for a dry spell? if you had to cut the lawn often because growing conditions were perfect, would you be asking for a different weather condition?

    sit out in the sun and enjoy it. it won’t last forever, i can guarantee that.

  2. You are kidding right?

    I can’t sit out in the sun, I’d be dead. The UV index is 9 every day. We’ve been the humidity capital of the country several time in the last 3 weeks. It’s so unbelievably dry outside, bushworkers were pulled a week ago. No campfires are allowed. Total fireban. The grass crumbles into dry oregano like flecks under my feet. This is no ordinary dry spell.

    (By the way, I love cutting the grass.)

  3. Oh look at the adventure of it all. Hydro talking about cutting your power, bush about to burst into flames, no campfires, no grass cutting, what is a person to do?
    Have a beer under the shade tree, if one doesn’t work have another one, in fact bring the whole cooler full of the barley sandwiches and have a real picnic!
    We has a short light rain tonight.
    The sign is up, I am for sale! PJ just couldn’t wait till morning. I have it priced at 259,900.00. That should cover my work and materials and leave a bit over to climb a mountain and have a picnic!
    Virtual tour in the morning, will send it to you when it is done.

  4. AHH! A Day off! Not from work, but from the deadly heat and humidity! Today’s high is forecasted to be 21, and it’s only 16 now. LOVE IT! Tomorrow: back up to 30C!

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