Hercules* and I bought tennis rackets today and hit the courts! Both of us decided we need to start being more active. I’ve been working on my treadmill more, but wow, tennis works entirely new muscles!
My Tennis Racket
So geared up with a fancy new ladies racket (shown above), and some florescent pink and orange balls, I was ready. I remember playing tennis once, when I was about 13 and my cousin Paul took me and cousin Christine to the courts in Wiarton. I was HORRIBLE because I kept hitting it over the fence. I quickly found out today that not playing for 15 years hasn’t improved my game.

It’s amazing how you can just hit the ball so slightly but BAFF! it’s gone šŸ™‚ Okay it only went over the fence once. And we had our own ball girl too. You know the type of really chatty girl, a little odd looking, you can’t tell if she’s 14 or 20, talks to you like she’s known you forever, introduces herself right away, you know the type? Well she ran after our balls the entire time. Not really giving us a hand in the exercise department, but I appreciated her fetching the ball when I smashed it over the fence. It fell just a few feet shy of entering the outfield during a men’s baseball game! WHEW embarrassing!

We played for close to an hour an a half. Then limped our sorry asses back home. I hope we play regularly, it’s good exercise!

*Names changed to protect those who wish to remain anonymous to the blogosphere.