I got home last night just after 6pm. The drive took 9.5 hours, as it should. There was construction, accidents, and some detours, but nothing too fascinating.

My truck broke down in Listowel on Tuesday. The idler/tensioner that controls the big serpentine belt went. Then the belt got all twisted and hot and smokey. Not good. I was a block from the Chev dealership which was handy. I sat there in their extremely boring service centre waiting room for a couple hours. It wasn’t supposed to take too long, but apparently it had been not working properly for awhile and it the shim behind it had welded itself in place from all the heat. $153 for the repairs, taxes, and labour. They tossed in a free hand wash, which was nice since I hadn’t washed the truck since last fall. Really glad it didn’t break down on the way back. That would have put me in a bad mood I suspect!

Back to work today. I caved. I sold my soul. I joined the union. I’ve been paying dues all along, but I really can’t handle much union retoric. But it looks like my sector is heading for a strike. The union members have already voted 88.7% in favour of a strike. Argh. I couldn’t find a straight answer on whether I’ll receive strike pay if I’m not a card carrying union member, so I caved and applied for membership. I’m not in favour of declaring bankruptcy, soooo… I sure hope we don’t strike. There are only about 7 people in my building affected, so I can’t imagine we’d be very missed.

I played tennis tonight. I’m still BAD. I can’t believe how many times I hit it over the fence. Into that damn thorn bush again too! Even playing bad, it’s good exercise.

Okay, have to do some website work. Adios.