Herc* and I are finally going camping tomorrow! We’ve wanted to go so many times, but something would always come up, the dogs would be broken, or company was coming to town.

I have the truck almost all packed. Just have to finish the laundry. How crazy is this – we are bringing two trucks. No other way to bring all our gear, 3 dogs, and ourselves. Herc bought some 2-way radios so we can still chat from our separate trucks.

We have a sweet spot picked out on a peninsula on a lake. Hopefully by taking Friday off we’ll get there first. No.. positive thinking. … it is OURS! WE WILL GET IT. (otherwise, we don’t have much of a plan other than keep driving until we find a spot).

Winger’s 3 new tumours on his head are growing so fast. I really hope they aren’t causing him any pain. The cortisone shot he got a couple weeks ago is keeping down his red itchy ears but I have to clean green goop out of his eyes every day. He coughs every day. He still is always hungry though! The more meals the better!

I inherited Dad’s 6 man tent, but I was too lazy to check it out to make sure it was all still good to go. I hope so, because it’s going to be paradise to have us in a 6 man tent instead of 2 people and 3 dogs in a 3 man tent!

Well, I better be off to finish packing!

* obviously not his real name