Sheesh, I’ve been having such problems with my laptop’s wireless connection. It would drop off and not be able to find my network. It’s happened several times this week, and you know how I just can’t part with my laptop for repairs! (I have to turn it on by squeezing a paper clip under the broken on button)

Tonight was a bad one. I restarted twice and it still couldn’t find a wireless network. I rebooted my router, troubleshooted my wireless network adapter. NO LUCK. I was getting tense!

THEN I realized, every time this happened this week, I was talking on my new cordless phone! I switched to my corded phone – wireless network found and connected!

I switched the channel on the phone, and presto, all is well again.


Today’s other fasincations:

Gas jumped to 123.9 at my station last night. Luckily I filled up at 103.7 before it leaped.

I wrote my first article for SpruceNeedle – featuring Leannio herself! Check it out:

Good night all!