I forgot to mention in my post about the weekend… the leaves have started to change up here! This summer was almost a write-off. July was way too hot to do anything. My gardens.. well I gave up on them, they don’t look so good. It was just too hot and dry. At least I got camping for one night.

New Orleans… horrible situation. I can’t imagine losing everything. However even more, I can’t imagine losing everything twice.. why on earth would they want to rebuilt the city below sea level AGAIN?

Blog recommendation: http://secretsinbaghdad.blogspot.com/ I stumbled on this blog through a Slashdot today. What a different world! Seriously, take the time to read all his posts. Arrested and beaten just for READING comments on a website!

I’m learning Visual Basic at work to do some programming for another research scientist. Another skill for the back pocket, not a bad idea to learn. Maybe it’ll make me want to work more.

I launched my new website this week – http://SpruceNeedle.com. There is still SO much content and programming to do for it, but I need to start getting traffic and income flowing, so it’s live. I’m planning to write a big headliner article about Brian, Leanne, Dad, and Cecilia’s upcoming mountain climb which should bring in many hits for me, and support for them!

Winger now has 4 big mast cell tumours on his head and they are growing SO fast and they are big. We’re going back to the vet on Friday. He is really enjoying life still. I think it will be extra extra extra hard to put him down if he’s still having a great time but one of these tumours bursts and bleeds too bad. Cancer is cruel. I know he’d have a couple good years of fun still if this wasn’t cutting it short. Unless I can find a way to stop these tumours from growing out of control, I doubt he’ll be with me much longer. I know I’ll be a mess for a very long time. I can’t even imagine getting another dog – no dog could come close to Winger. Surf and I will have to continue on, but it’s going to be a blow to both of us.

On that cheery note, I really better get to sleep. Two more days of work before the long weekend.