I was feeling better today and went back to work. Dad left this morning. Dad is amazing. He worked sooo hard for me! What an amazing dad! I’m sure he’ll be in shape for Kilimanjaro, he’s a work horse!
I went to Walmart after work to spend yet more money. I got a fabric shower curtain I cut down in length for a curtain for the bathroom window. It looks great! I just need to hem the bottom now.
Then I tackled the big pile in the driveway – all the garbage from the weekend. I shovelled it all into contractor strength garbage bags because our dump isn’t set up so we can easily dump out. I could only fill some bags 1/4 full because ceramic tile pieces are heavy!!
Then I enjoyed my new shower again.
I got gas tonight – 120.5 – I didn’t fill up. I wanted to cross to Michigan to get cheaper gas, but the back of my truck is loaded with the first load of dump junk, so I got $35 of gas here. My truck feels like a low rider with all the weight in the back!
I somehow got Herc’s wireless connection working over at his house today too, so he can surf wirelessly from his living room on his new laptop. He’s happy.
Now I’ll try to get some pictures up, but it’s late and I gotta sleep, so we’ll see.

Okay photos up.
Here is the final product after my shower this evening! It really doesn’t do it justice, it’s soo nice!

Now to finish off the walls with the tongue and groove pine! I have to pull off the rest of the old ceramic tiles first. I can’t wait until it’s done!