I’m sick. Killer headache, sick to my stomach, sneezing, coughing up stuff. Dad thinks it’s from the mold. Guess it could also be the insecticide, insulation, cement dust, saw dust, and who knows what else I breathed in. I took the day off sick. I’m mostly lying on my bed, getting up when Dad needs a hand.


I didn’t take as many pictures today because I was feeling so crappy. Here we go!

Dad got drywall up around the top of the wall above the tub surround so it will be ready and even for when I add the tongue and groove pine!

WATER works! Dad is much happier than he was on Day 1, eh? Only it’s soooo hot and humid, he was a wee bit sweaty!
During a break, Dad was super awesome to use his mitre saw that he brought up to install trim on the front door I installed last November. It looks soooooo nice and really much better than the dried foam insulation that was all you could see around the door!