Mondays Suck

It’s dark and rainy outside, and so is my mood.

The motherboard on my laptop is fried again. It’s no longer under warranty so I will have to pay to even call Compaq. Does anyone have a good estimate what calling Compaq, having them replace the motherboard and power button equates to compared to buying a new laptop? Which I also can’t afford?

The only saving grace… Just yesterday I copied all my photos over to my old desktop computer. So at least I have all my photos of Winger saved. All my emails are not accessible though. Most of my files are backed up onto my computer as well which is good. Pretty much everything except my emails.

Edit: I just found out that to order a replacement motherboard from Compaq is $769.00. That doesn’t include labour. New laptops are $1300. I can’t afford either. I want to go back to bed.

Update: Apparently I can buy a $9.99 adapter and mount my laptop harddrive inside my desktop computer to recover my data. I guess this is the plan. Maybe by next spring I can afford to replace my laptop. It didn’t even last two years. This is the second time the motherboard needs replacing. Learn from my troubles – buy the extended warranty for your laptop!!! I know I’m a heavy user of my laptop, but I think that a laptop should last more than 2 years! (It’s a Compaq Presario X1010CA for any search engines who would like to grab this as a BAD REVIEW… well I love my laptop features, just don’t like it breaking!)


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  1. ya, laptops break. that is the thing about laptops. they have very small parts, and critically poor heat dissipation. it is only a matter of time. there is nothing you can do.

    at work, we use IBM’s. they last 3 years.

    you should look at leasing through your business instead since you know they will last 2 to 3 years anyway. perhaps with any tax savings it will be worth while.

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