Seriously, what a crappy week. My laptop dies and I can’t afford to fix or replace it. My internet connection is down, or I broke it, or something. I can only get Google Talk to connect, and I can go to to check my ad income. That is it. Not even worked. I figured it was a DNS thing, but it’s not, because I couldn’t get to ip sites either. For awhile I could connect to the ip of my server in Texas. I kept fiddling with settings. I disconnected my router because I couldn’t even get into the ip of it. I called shaw at 2am (yes I was still working on it at 2am) and they had a message that they were doing repairs in the Sault. ARGHHHHHH. So now my settings are probably all messed up. It better be working tonight because I really have work to do!

Yesterday I decided to take my own advice and I took Surf to the vet to get a lump on her back checked out. She’s had it for years, but it seemed a bit bigger to me. I just needed to know. If it was cancer too, I’d remove it early before anything happened. If it wasn’t, I’d have piece of mind. Winger’s looked like a harmless lump for a year before it started growing.

I was sleep deprived yesterday and teared up about 40 times while at work. I just miss my dog soooooooo much. Then I get home and I’m already sad, and I miss not having that lovable creature meet me at the door, and then there is a sympathy card from the vet’s office in the mailbox. They had all signed it. Teared up again. Then the paper lady saw me with just one dog and she wanted to know where the other one was. Tears again. Then I had to sit in the vet’s office, knowing that was the last place I saw Winger. What an internal struggle to put that out of my mind so I didn’t break down in their office. Surf must have sensed my emotions because she just wanted out of there!

Luckily Surf’s lump was just a sebaceous cyst. My wonderful vet didn’t make me wait for tests – he had a vet tech immediately check it under a scope for me. It is good to know it is harmless. I got a refill on her thyroid pills and headed out.

I probably shouldn’t write this next paragraph, but I had to buy something at the next place I stopped. I bought two things, one cost $14 and the other was $100. It came out to $14. She scanned both, put them in my bag, and the expensive item didn’t show up on the receipt. She didn’t notice the ridiculous price. I thought she was putting the decimal spot in the wrong place. I paid and figured the beepers at the door would go off but they didn’t. So now I’m debating my conscience. When will they notice I didn’t pay? Should I just go back now? I am so so so so broke right now after all of Winger’s vet bills this summer, my bathroom repairs, the recliner chair I just paid off in full (which I don’t sit on anymore because I have no laptop to sit in front of the tv with), that it certainly was a nice break, but I feel guilty. Sigh…..

I haven’t been sleeping too well, well I sleep well, it’s the getting to sleep part that hasn’t been working too well. I just lie there and get all sad and weepy. So I try to stay up until I’m really really tired. Or fall asleep with the tv on for a mind distraction. So I’m a little sleep deprived. And now I think I’m getting a cold.

The one good thing is Surf is doing much better. She’s eating well. She’s definately bored and still misses her brother, but she’s coping. I take her to Herc’s* often and she loves that even though his dog doesn’t play with her. We’ve been taking more walks too. I really want to put a kennel run in the backyard so she can stay out all day and be locked up enjoying the fresh air. I found a good price on one, but it’s well into Michigan at Menard’s so not sure if that will happen, or if I really need to spend the money. It would just be so much better for her than being in a crate staring at the Animal Planet station all day.

Well my break is over, back to work. I’m learning how to program Visual Basic so at least it’s interesting. And as a bonus, I figured out how to get my work computer to stop playing my mp3’s too fast, so now Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews aren’t singing in soprano anymore.

* name changed