Well my finances aren’t good, but I found a deal that I just COULDN’T pass up. A man in town was selling his dog kennel. It has 6 panels, and when put up it measures 10ft by 20ft and it is 6ft tall. He purchased it for $650 two and a half years ago, and he only wanted $200 for it!! Now I had just been looking at ones that were half the size on Saturday that were $450. How could I turn this down?

We had to take the cap off of Herc’s truck to get the panels in. It took a better effort, after all I’m just a weakling girl, but we got it off, got the panels in, and set it up in my backyard. We replaced the bolts on the connector pieces because they were a bit rusty. We also installed a pole across the middle to make it a bit more sturdy. Thank you Herc, you are the bestest!

For now, it’s set up on the grass near the house. Next spring I’ll probably put it back at the end of the yard. I’ll make it more permanent and perhaps lie gravel or patio stones in it so it’s not muddy. For now, as the snow is approaching, it’ll work!

Why did I want this? Well I have a fenced yard, but it is old and not totally secure. This kennel is lockable. Once I get a dog house (and I have leads on a free one!), then Surf can spend the day outside inside of sleeping inside. She’ll enjoy that way more and I’m sure it’s better for her health to have some mental stimulation while I’m at work. I won’t leave her out in the cold of winter, but for now it’ll be nice. It’ll also be a secure place for the puppy to exercise. That’s right. I said puppy. More on that in a bit.

Here are some pics: