It was a very tough decision, oddly enough everyone I know without dogs thought I should definitely NOT get another dog, and most people with a dog thought I should, and everyone who has had a dog die thought I should get one as soon as possible.

Like I said, it wasn’t an easy decision. I remember thinking I had decided for sure one day to get a puppy, but then I cried myself to sleep because I knew I didn’t want another dog, I just wanted back the one that I had.

I’m sad. I miss Winger terribly and I find myself trying hard to not think of him because it makes me cry. I still cry many times a day. Just yesterday I wasn’t thinking about it, and when I opened the door to my house after work, I was expecting him to be there at the door to greet me with a stuffed animal in his mouth. But he wasn’t there. He’s not coming back. Surf is depressed. There has been many times when she just won’t come inside. I have to go outside, lift her up, put her on her feet, and push her towards the door. She only livens up when Herc and his dog come over. I’ve read other stories about dogs grieving like that how they can be like that for 6 months or more. Some just get sick and die from grief. Surf is 10.5 years old. She’s never been an only dog and she’s having a hard time. Sure, I really like the convenience of having just one dog now. Yes, it is way easier. It’s cheaper. But we’re sad and I need something to look forward to, maybe even something to distract me, I don’t know, but I think we both need a puppy.

Winger and Surf’s nephew was born last Friday, on October 14th, and will be ready to come home in December. I will have to fly out to get him because he’s in Washington State. I’ve never been out there, but the thought of a mini-vacation is thrilling! (I don’t travel much, especially not that far from home!) He’ll have a couple weeks to get a routine together with us, and then I’ll mess him all up by taking him home for Christmas. Although he will be in that stage where the books say I should expose him to everything to make him a well-rounded, well-socialized puppy.

I have never had a puppy. I don’t know the first thing about what it will be like. I’m sure it’ll keep me busy. And it already is as I think about it will be like, think of any supplies I will need, try to book my travel – it’s giving my brain something else to do. Just thinking of what I want to name him is taking a lot of work!

I hope we’ll be able to do some dog sports – maybe showing, obedience, field. That sort of training should keep me busy next year when Herc moves away. I’m so anxious to find out if Surf will promote herself to head of the pack or if she’ll follow the puppy’s every move like she did with Winger! I hope she has several years left to teach him the ropes! I’m sure she’s going to love him. Even if he will probably be hanging off her tail for awhile!

If you have any good names suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments for me!