Starting last night, Surf won’t get up, won’t even try to get up. I carried her outside last night and this morning. It’s a good thing she’s not too heavy. She’ll walk just enough to pee and then lie down again. She’s completely listless. The vet opens in 30 minutes. I had no idea what is wrong with her, and I’m not ready to lose my second dog in less than 2 months ;-(
I’ll update here when I know anything.

Update 8:34am – they can’t see her until 2:45! Now I don’t know if I should go to work because I really don’t want to leave her.

Update 3:32pm – Surf is still at the vet’s for blood work and x-rays. She still has a fever and something neurological is going on. Her right paws aren’t reacting properly and she’s tripping on them. It’ll probably be a few hours before I know anything.

Update 8:02pm – Surf most likely has lung cancer. Her lungs are full and she’s breathing quite heavy. She’s anemic which will explain her weakness in her paws and her walking. Surf coughed up a tablespoon of stuff at the vets and they did tests on it. There is one cell that the vet couldn’t identify, so he has send it to a pathologist. He said her lung x-ray looked like it could have been the fungus blastomycosis, but there was no trace of it in the cough-up. He said lung cancer is very rare and he sees it maybe only once a year. I brought her home for now, the vet gave her a couple shots, one of antibiotic, and we’ll see how she is in the morning. I’m guessing at the rate she’s going down she only has a couple days left.