Cereal boxes, Surf, Weather…

It was so much better when they used to glue the cereal bags into the bottom of the box, wasn’t it? I always big the big boxes of Raisin Bran (I loooooove raisins) but when there is only a quarter of the cereal left in the bag, I can’t pour it because the entire bag falls out of the box, argh!

Surf was walking around wagging her tail this morning so I hope she’s on the mend. Still coughing and gagging and her leg is sore so I have to carry her up and down the steps outside. Good thing she isn’t too heavy! I put one of the dog beds behind my chair here and she’s resting on it. I’m glad she likes her dog beds.

It’s dark and raining outside. I should do work today. I just don’t want to. But I want the money it will earn me. But I’m so tired of sitting at a computer all day every day. I should start playing the lotteries more religiously, maybe I’d strike it rich that way some day.

Update: I just took Surf outside and it is snowing! I had to clean the slush off the steps so I didn’t fall carrying her up and down!

Update again: Still snowing!



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  1. cereal: ya, i’ve had that problem. trick is to use a bigger bowl 🙂

    surf: kiss her on the nose for me. She must be lonely without her wrestle-mate. She’ll be soo happy when there is a puppy in the house, well, at least she will be when he is old enough to put her head in his mouth. 🙂

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