Surf is still holding her own. Her 10 day course of amoxicillin is up so the vet moved her to a much stronger (and much more expensive) antibiotic – Baytril at 150mg – 1 pill a day for 10 days ($5.70 a pill!) I was talking to the vet tech for awhile and she emphasized again that it still could be lung cancer and whatever she coughed up for their sample was just from her throat and not her lungs. Still I’ll choose to fight as long as Surf does. She will eat the canned beef chunks in gravy food, but really only if she is hand fed chunk by chunk, but whatever it takes! She’s really chewing a lot at her front right paw, so I wonder if when they have this neurological problem with the paws knuckling if the paws are tingly. Overall, she’s doing better than a few days ago. She’ll wag her tail a bit and get up on her own to find a new place to lie every hour or so, whereas earlier in the week she couldn’t even really lift her head for too long.
Keep all those powerful good thoughts coming!