CBC’s new programming

I’m a faithful CBC radio one listener.
I was eager to hear their new shows this week, but I’ve been home taking care of Surf.
Today I’m 33 minutes into their Roundup replacement – called Freestyle.
This is so unbelievably awful I am going to have to shut it off. If I wanted to listen to annoying pop music I wouldn’t have the CBC tuned in. The hosts are chattering about nothing important and I’m so throughly aggravated in just 33 minutes that I’m actually blogging from work.
Wake up CBC, this isn’t why we choose to listen. Sure you have every right to shake up your programming, but this shuffle is horrid.
Too much music!

Update: Sorry CBC, after 50 minutes I had to turn the radio off. Silence is better.


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3 Replies to “CBC’s new programming

  1. I agree with you, absolutely, and have just e-mailed CBC my similar sentiments. Have you sent them your comments as well? The CBC website claims that, according to the chief programming director, this choice was made to reflect “changing needs”, as if these needs can’t already be met all over the radio dial. At least they haven’t included commercials.

  2. I just finished sending the CBC my own thoughts on Freestyle. They are similar to yours. The program just puts me off. It is slow, monotonous, and just plan boring.

    The hosts seem to just babble back and forth just to fill the air time.

    Hopefully the cbc will boot this thing off the air soon!

  3. Ahh Ed I so agree. Why hasn’t the CBC killed this show yet? It’s horrible! The scripted dialogue is ridiculous. One host will pretend to know nothing about a topic, then 30 seconds later she’s introducing the guest on the phone about the very topic she pretended to know nothing about.

    I’m sent the CBC my thoughts twice now but haven’t received any word back. Linda did you ever hear back?

    Come on CBC, put some intelligence back on my radio from 2-4pm! Freestyle is brutal!

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