I’m sure I didn’t need this.
Monday – I was awake since 3am. My neck hurt so badly from whatever I pulled in it carrying Surf. I couldn’t sleep, I was in agony. I took a short nap around 5:30am and went to work.
Monday night – Very tired, went to bed, woke up over and over from the total agony of my neck pain. I was out of advils. I found a 2 pill Extra-strength tylenol sample pack in the medicine cabinet. I don’t care that they expired a year ago. Gobbled the two down. Moan and cry myself to sleep. 2am. Wake up. EXTREME itchiness everywhere. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I woke myself up my scratching my hands almost raw. I’m so itchy everywhere I want to cry. I just found a hive on my stomach and a few on the back of my head of all places. I must be having an allergic reaction to Tylenol. I just took 2 Benedryls. I have an Epi-pen for my possible chocolate allergy, so I’ll keep it handy, but my breathing seems fine right now. I don’t usually take Tylenol. Benedryl hasn’t kicked in yet, I’m so itchy on every square millimeter of my skin it’s unbearable. Maybe I should try a shower until the Benedryl kicks in and takes me back to lullaby land. I’m sooo sleep deprived.
Ahh crap, the cat just puked all over.

Update: 6:57am. Well I’m awake, but soooo tired. I imagine the Benedryl is still in my system. It fixed my itchiness. Geez that was crazy. I sure have crazy hair from my middle of the night shower. I really want to go back to bed but then I’ll never get to work.

Winger would have been 12 today. He died two months ago today. At least I no longer have grand expectations of him being reincarnated into a puppy. Now I just want him to be there, wherever there is, for Surf. I’m taking care of a dog this week. He’s not the same as having my own here, but he is making the house feel much less empty, so that is good.