Boxing Day 2005! We survived another Christmas. Whew Monty is tiring me out. I’m not sure how many days I’ll be able to stay away from my home base. Everything thinks he’s soooo cute and he’s doing so well, it’s just the thousand “Monty NO!”‘s and the 150 outside trips a day that are wearing me out! There isn’t a good place for his x-pen here so when I’ve had enough he goes for a nap in his crate in the rec room. Ahhhh peace and quiet. He still sleeps all night which is wonderful!! Thanks Monty! He’s eliminates the need for vacuuming too – he’s a crumb sucker!

I thought he had growled at me a week or so ago, but it was just him talking, he’s doing it all the time now with a toy in his mouth. He growls and barks. He’s harmless, except he greets everyone with an open mouth! They love his sharp teeth, ha ha.

Everyone was over generous with their gift giving this year. Can you believe I got something off my dreaming list? A goosedown duvet! OHHHHH WOW it’s nice. I can’t wait to snuggled up under it. Thanks Mom! You spoiled me!

Julie went with a kitchen theme. I have a new table cloth with placements, utensils, many many knives, tea towels, Mom got me another pizza stone so now I can cook 2 pizzas on pizza stones at a time!

I also got a lovely toque and scarf from Grandma Stock who is spending the holidays with us. I also got a couple Nalgene water bottles, Fox 40 whistle (good thing because my last one broke and I need to get Monty used to the whistle incase we do any field training), luggage labels, lottery tickets, money, magazine subscription, a beautiful wooden memory box to keep Winger & Surf’s collars and hair locks in, homemade soaps, a pet grooming glove, more tea towels, a hand towel, and probably more I can’t remember! They had a belated birthay party for me when I got home. We had my favourite tomato juice cake. Brian and Leanne gave me the CD from that INXS Rock Star show that I liked. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. Okay J. you’re right, I should have borrowed your CD player because the drive home was miserable. You’re always right.

Monty even got presents. He has this huge basketball stuffed toy now with a rope through it. It squeaks too but it’s too big for him to squeak yet, but he’s doing a good job dragging it around!

Today we’re off to Strathroy and area for the Verkley family Christmas. I want to leave Monty with my mom because there are just WAY too many people there, but at the same time, he is ALOT of work and I’m not sure she’s up to it, or maybe I’m just not ready to leave him. I guess I’ll keep my cell phone with me so I can check on him every 15 minutes 😉

Tomorrow Bernie & Dona & Meaghen are stopping by for a visit, and then we’re off to Dad’s for his Christmas and dinner. Then the next day I am not sure. I might head home already, or visit Kathy at the Kitchener dog show, not too sure yet.

Brian and Leannio gave me the big MEC duffle bag I wanted so now I can bring my loot back to the Sault and stop borrowing J’s big duffle bag.

Okay, I need to get showered here. Julie is making cookies with her new cookie machine she got. It smells yummmmmmy. Monty is on Mom’s lap. She must be holding him tight because he usually jumps off of anyone but me. Oh there he goes. Leanne is up, Grandma is up. Brian’s lazy bones are still in bed.

Happy Holidays!