The Verkley Christmas was a smashing success. I have mucho photos and videos of the occasion. Mom and Grandma babysat (pupsat?) Monty. I had my cellphone on the whole day so they could call me in an emergency. I called a couple times and they were just laughing and laughing at Monty. They had a lot of fun, only I found out later that he peed FIVE TIMES in the house!! He’s never done that with me! I guess they just didn’t know his “I really have to pee” signals.

Before we headed out, I had to boost my battery. I had turned on the interior light to find something on Christmas Eve and I knew when I turned it on I was going to forget to turn it off because it’s so dim, and of course I did. And then… AHH! my booster cables aren’t in my truck! I must have taken them out when I was rearranging the back of my truck. Good thing Brian and Julie both had cables and good thing Brian was more familiar with where to hook them because I always just watch and I’ve never been in charge of the boosting operation.

I got further truck stupid when I waited to fill up until night time. I assumed Elginfield’s Petro Canada would be open still. I went by at 9:30pm. Nope! My gut said Mitchell would be open so I decided not to detour to London and continued on. Of course Mitchell wasn’t open. I went in to the Becker’s to ask if they knew of anywhere open and a customer was helping me but where he suggested was closed too. I only had an eighth of a tank. I just had my gas tank replaced. On my old tank I would have been stranded an eighth before that. The customer said for sure I could get to Listowel on an eighth. HA. So Julie and I pressed on. I knew Brian was about an hour or more behind us so if worse came to worse he could pass us, go on to Listowel, and fill a jerry can (gerry can?), and come back to rescue us. Or should I just park at our relatives in Monkton? Well I just kept speeding on. I decided I was going to speed through all the small towns so I could get caught by the cops and I think those OPP highway patrol men carry gas for stranded idiots like me. I decided speeding through towns would be a last case scenario. So long story short we made it to the Becker’s in Listowel where I was able to get $20 in gas. I can’t believe we made it!! AHHHH what a stressful stupid drive.

So today we’re expecting company shortly, then off to Dad’s. Monty is sleeping in his crate. He gets really bitey and defiant when he’s sleepy so he might as well have a nap before the company comes. I need to go pooper scoop too.

Still not sure if I’m headed home tomorrow or the next day. I’m worried about Zeus and my house and things. I live SOO far away.. Can’t believe I used to live another 8 hours farther and I’d take 2 whole days to get home for Christmas. That was nuts.