Ohhhh baby I want a Honda Element so bad!

Honda Element
J. treated my outrageous dream of owning one by stopping into Honda on the weekend so we could look at the new one they have on the lot. I got to look inside of one!! The salesman said if we come back this week after they get it ready we could take it for a night to testdrive it!

So lots of conflicting thoughts. I know I absolutely can not afford one, so I can’t have one. It is nice to aspire to something though. They are $32,000 after all the fees and taxes for a new one that is 4 wheel drive. Why would I dream to waste all that money on something that is going to do nothing but lose its value. I don’t know.

On the plus side, they really aren’t depreciating much. I watch the Auto Trader and the 2003’s are still going for $23-28,000

I guess I can dream that my http://YouNeedAThong.com site will start making some SERIOUS cash, so much that I’ll have nothing better to do with it than go buy myself a Honda Element.

Or maybe we really should test drive it so I can find out I hate it and don’t want one anymore. But then I’d need a new dream! 😉