Other than one nightmare after Winger died, last night was the first time I dreamed about my lost dogs. For some unknown reason, I took Winger and Surf into a groomer in the mall. The man at the counter (it was just like a clothing store) was the man from the clothing store where I get custom embroidery work done for clothing I’ve sold at CanadianGoldens.com in the past. Anyway, I drop them off in their crates. I see them up on shelves over to the right of the store at one point. I came back to check on them and they brought Winger out of the back room and he was trimmed too short! His tail was trimmed to about an inch long and his the feathering on his butt was all trimmed really really short! I freaked out and cried and told them he had cancer and didn’t have long to live and I’ll never have the chance to let it grow back out! The man had to go in the back and tell them not to trim Surf so short. Winger was doing his bum shaking walk he always did after a bath and I put him back in his crate back up on the shelf on the wall.

It sure was nice to see them again, even if it was in a dream.