Last night I got the 3rd coat of polyurethane up. My bathroom is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve never been in such a bathroom. I loooooove it. Dad is a craftsman! Now on to decorating!

I’ll post pictures of the work in progress over the weekend. I’m trying to monetize some of my sites right now.

I set up a really good deal and tomorrow I have a licensed and insuranced man coming over to trim my 3 Manitoba maples. He’s going to get them off the Bell telephone line, and then he’s going to lessen the load of all 3 by taking out some major limbs that are pulling them over. I had a strong sense it was time to call this guy, and I know I need to follow my intuition. One of the trees is creaking badly at night as it rubs the telephone pole. If it falls, it’s going to take out the fence and land in my neighbour’s yard, so this is best. And this way I can keep the trees (they provide much needed privacy when they have leaves).

K, back to work….