Ahhh Girls Night In.. Or I guess that is just Girl.

J. is out with the men tonight. I just had my first bath in my bathroom since it got remodelled. I love love love love my bathroom. It couldn’t be any better. I think bathrooms should always be wood. It’s so warm and cozy. I had a nice bath with my lemon verbena candle on, a drink on the side, and Zeus on the toilet watching the flickering candle up high.. ahhh.. so relaxing.

Of course then I spilled the candle wax all over the new glass shelves and on the top of the toilet tank, but that was easy enough to clean up!

Just a tip I wanted to mention. I always bought bathmats at Walmart. This time we happened to be in Sears and they were 40% off, but still way more than Walmart, but to save a trip I bought them there. The difference is really remarkable. The Walmart bathmats are much much thinner and look like they need washing all the time. This one from Sears is so much thicker. Two thumbs up Sears!

In fact, people have been mentioning to me for awhile that Walmart was really getting a lot of cheap merchandise in. I’m such a Walmart faithful I didn’t really notice, until I was looking for bathroom accessories last weekend. The quality was really cheap. Of course the prices were cheaper too. Maybe I’m just growing out of the cheap-will-do student phase of my life. Eee gads! My tastes sure are changing.

So if you notice I’ve started my Lisa’s Honda Element Fund. (You can donate on the right hand side of this page if you are so inclined – by PayPal or Credit Card). I have a big glass vase that my fish Morris used to live in before he was upgraded to a full aquarium. This is where the Lisa’s Honda Element Fund is now. So far it contains 50 cents. At this rate my great-grandchildren will enjoy their Honda Element. hehe. No worries, I had a fantastic idea for a new website, and I’ve already built half of it this evening. I’ll show it to you soon. It should bring in some easy money.

OH, and I should mention, my contract is going to be extended. It was done at the end of March. It looks like I should be good through to the end of November. That is good news!

Alrighty, off to enjoy my evening. Tomorrow morning I’m meeting the guys from the retriever club so Monty can have his first retrieving outing. There are a couple of other puppies in the club so it’ll be good for him to socialize after our training session.