I love Saturday mornings. Even Monty didn’t whine and rested in his crate until I got my lazy bones out of bed around 8:15.

Monty was 16 weeks old yesterday. We went to the vet for his 16th week visit. That is when he gets the last of his vaccines, including his first rabies shot, and I had him microchipped so I can register him with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). He is already registered in the USA but now he’ll have dual citizenship 😉

He has really developed some traits lately that Winger had – which makes me smile. He has to have a toy in his mouth. When I come home from work to let him out, he has to run around until he finds a toy to greet me with and carry to the back door – just like Winger used to. Now I’ll have to see if he’ll get ball retrievin’ crazy like Winger, or if I’ll just not encourage that. We’ll see!

He got his weigh in at the vet’s yesterday and he is 27 pounds!! Can you believe it! No wonder he’s hard to carry around and cuddle now! haha

So weekend plans – maybe some retriever training with the guys tomorrow – last week we got snowed out. Tonight is the UFC (ultimate fighting) on pay per view and J. is a big fan so we’ll watch that. I have a mess of shopping to do today.

I also have to tackle my house. It is out of control. It is in such disarray that when I can’t find something and I have to dig through the mess I get so tense and full of rage because it is such a disorganized mess. I was really bad yesterday. I just want to pitch it all. I save sooooooo much. I’m working on my first big sized contractor garbage bag of stuff to pitch. There are things I find that I could sell at a garage sale, but then I have to store them until spring and I just want to clear this place out!! Once the crap is gone I can clean up my papers so I can see my desk again and then I can get working on my taxes.

I’ve just listed one thing for sale on a local website (that small crate Monty used at Christmas). Hopefully I can sell that this weekend and make back some of the money. I have a few other things I should dig up and sell, and the rest can take a trip to the dump.

Enjoy your weekend!