Last night Monty lost THREE, yes, THREEEEEEEEEE baby teeth!

I really did think he was acting a little weird all weekend. He had a whine that was a little more whiney than normal and his tongue was hot. I guess he was feeling out of sorts because he is teething!

Last night he was on the floor playing with his toys when I noticed his top two front teeth were bloody and both were crooked!! I investigated further and found not only were they really loose, but a bottom one was already missing! Over the next hour he lost the two top ones. I couldn’t find any of them to save – they are just ittie-bittie little things. Maybe he swallowed them.. Maybe they are still embedded in my sweatshirt sleeve (he was extra bitey last night!)

I’ve cut out his lunch time meal now that he is 16 weeks. Because it was snowing and nasty out today, I planned to work all day and not come home. He did fine. He can hold it all day now! So I will continue to pack and lunch so I can come home at a decent time to let him out.

I’m really falling for this dog. His breeders wrote me and were worried that I wouldn’t ever possibly love him as much as Winger and Surf. I have no idea. I can’t compare because I didn’t know them when they were puppies. Monty though is a really cool puppy. He’s funny and easy-going. It’s fun to watch him grow. I’m eager to see what he’ll be like when he’s a full grown dog. Hey, Doreen said today that Monty is already heavier than Kiana!

Well I’m off to refreeze one of the frozen washcloths Monty has been knawing on to sooth his teeth. There are adult teeth already poking threw the holes from his top front teeth!