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Monty, J., and I went to our private obedience lesson last night. It was supposed to be an hour but lasted almost 2 hours! I think we all learned a lot. It was all outside in the snow. We learned how to teach Monty not to pull on the leash or jump on people. We learned how to teach heel, controlled walks, hikes off leash, how to teach him that we are his ‘pack’ and not to run off in the woods, some retrieves, sits, downs, how to teach stay. Whew! We were all tired and sore afterwards! Monty’s brain was just mush and he slept the rest of the evening away!

For the first few minutes with the trainer, I thought she was a crazy person who was going to hurt my dog. I was trying to catch J.’s eye because I wanted to grab my baby puppy and run out of there! She was jerking him all over, kneeing him, knocking him on the floor. But after that it all worked out and I didn’t want to run away anymore. She didn’t ever use the word “no”. She just taught him what he should want to be doing by positive reinforcement, and if he was pulling he’d get a quick jerk back, or if he jumped on someone he’d be called in the other direction before hand and rewarded.

In a couple of weeks she is hoping to start up a Wed. evening class – $100 for 8 weeks – that is a reasonable price so we’ll go!

Have a lovely day! Get it, LOVEly ? hehe.