Happy Birthday to Brian, where ever he may be today! Las Vegas I hear, or maybe L.A. On vacation. Is that guy ever not on vacation? Once again he’s grabbed the number I left behind, so Happy 29th bro.

I trust everyone had a Happy Valentine’s day with their loved one, friends, family, or pet? Monty and I had a good snuggle for Valentine’s Day as we watched Gilmore Girls in bed. Yesterday was his 4 month birthday! That was the first time that he stayed in one spot long enough (yes I bribed him with his lion, rawhide, and nylabone, but he still stayed beside me on the bed for almost a full hour!).

The gas station man gave me a free Canadian Olympic flag this morning for my truck window. So Go Canada Go! 6-2 at the end of the 2nd period. I have always made fun of the fools with flags clamped to their windows, but I guess since it was free, and it’s Flag Day, and the Olympics are fun, I’ll join your silly clan for a day or so.