Ahh another Sunday evening. I slept through the afternoon. I tried to watch the closing ceremonies, I really did, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. In my defense, I did get up at 4am to drive J. to the airport. (Okay so I did go back to sleep from 6 until 8 but still). J. is gone for two weeks!! Hopefully I’ll make good use of all the extra time I’ll have.

I just found a huge chunk of skin sliced on my finger. I made a salad for dinner, and as I was chopping veggies to put in it, I had a close call and almost sliced my finger with one of my sharp new big knives I received as a Christmas gift. Now I have just realized that it wasn’t a close call, I actually sliced almost completely off a big chunk of the side of my finger tip, only it didn’t bleed. Cool. Don’t try this at home kiddos.

I was looking through old mementos a couple days ago, including my school book. Did you know, that when I started kindergarten, I weighed 35 lbs, and Monty is already heavier than that?? Wild, eh? He did well at our retriever club practice this morning. There is another puppy that is two weeks older. Monty has caught up and is slightly taller I think than this other pup now. One of the guys thought Monty was about 4 inches bigger than last week.

I gave Monty a bath yesterday. He did okay in the tub, but he really isn’t fond of the blowdryer!

Still waiting for my slacker brother to update his blog and tell the tales of his recent trip to L.A. and Vegas! Apparently they were in the audience at the Price is Right! I’ve always wanted to go see that show be taped. I’m jealous!

UPDATE: Monty now has two bloody and loose upper molars! He’s chewing on a rawhide and getting it very bloody! It’s neat watching his adult teeth grow in!