I watched Jarhead a couple nights ago.

It wasn’t good, and it wasn’t bad. It was nothing. I learned nothing, remember next to nothing, and experienced nothing. I don’t remember anything really happening in the movie. It’s from the Gulf War and is centered on one character, but I didn’t develop any emotional attachment to him as a lead character. The movie started, and then probably 30 minutes later than it should have, it ended.

That’s my take.

Tonight… Saw II. Stay tuned for the review, which may be a wee bit more in depth than my Jarhead review, but no promises 🙂


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2 Replies to “Jarhead

  1. i like the movie. certainly not your typical war flick. the soldiers seemed much more real to me.

    oh, and clearly – war sucks.

  2. War sucks? Because they were bored out in the desert and didn’t get to shoot their weapons? I just didn’t get the point.

    I’m kinda surprised you liked it. J. and Bruno both side with me on this one.

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