Monty had his first conformation class last night. He was a bit of a wild child. He actually drew blood from the intructor! She had to pretend to be a judge and look at his teeth and everytime she did that, he got all excited and tried to chew her fingers. I guess he chewed a little too hard! He wouldn’t stand still at all for exam. But he is just a pupster! We’ll have to work on it. J. even came and cheered(?) us on from the sidelines.

I didn’t get to watch Amazing Race again since it showed at 10pm. I was asleep by 10:05. I can’t imagine how they can get good ratings, unless I’m the only working soul who appreciates 8 hours of sleep.

Zeus ate more tuna last night and this morning he was in the litter box when I got up and was moving around like normal again. I don’t think he’s pooped yet, but he had a good appetite this morning and ate more tuna and some soft cat food. Let’s hope that bone passes through!!!