What dream is that?

The Honda Element dream.

I have seen the light. I still think Honda Elements are cool, but I don’t want one anymore.


Well because they are $32,000. Think of everything that I would be giving up to afford a $32,000 vehicle. Plus the interest – heck it could end up being a $50,000 vehicle with interest.

I want to have a new and fun vehicle. I want to have a safe vehicle. But I don’t want to give up future vacations, home improvements, vet visits, shopping trips, gift giving, and dog toys to get one.

So I am going to drive my truck until its next major repair. Then I will get a line of credit for maybe $5,000 to $8,000 and I will buy a used SUV. It will still be fun and it will be new to me. I think an SUV will be best so I can have Monty travel safely in his crate, and still be in the same climate controlled area as me, not in the back of my pickup under the cap like he is now.

So I’ll be taking my Honda Element fundraiser drive off the side bar. It was a valiant effort. I raised $3.12. You will have to stay tuned for what I decide to do with that pot of money. Maybe return it to the donators, maybe just go wild with it. I haven’t decided yet.