J. and I both had today off. It’s been so wonderful!

We took a big load to the dump from my garage, and then a nice drive out to Iron Bridge with stops along the way. We visited my friends in Bruce Mines.

We saw 11+ deer on the side of a hill. J. was able to get some good photos that I’ll post up here over the weekend. Even one of a deer squatting to pee!!

We stopped in a store J. had heard about for their famous really old cheese and their summer sausage. The summer sausage was stamped with the farmers name – Martin – and his town – Atwood, Ontario! Wild! So we bought cheese, the meat, and some bread and made lunch on the side of the road. I don’t care for summer sausage much, but it was good enough.

It was so nice outside and sunny, just cold! Perfect for a drive!

We drove through a couple used car lots too. I sat in a 2002 Jimmy, 4×4, clean, safetied, 91,000km, $13,900. It was very nice. Now which organ shall I sell… 🙂 OH yeah, I’m waiting until my truck keels over.

Did I see Julie’s MSN saying she went to the SPA for the afternoon? Do tell Jules!

Okay I need to clean up the house and myself. Homemade turkey burgers on the BBQ is on the menu for dinner!