J. was out of town again this week. His plane was due to get into the Sault airport just before midnight last night, and it being a worknight and way past my bedtime, I told him to drive himself and I’d see him the next day because I’d be sleeping.

I decided I was going to surprise him at the airport, if I could stay awake. It’s way nicer to be greeted at the airport when you come home – at least I think so. But then I started thinking of all those scenes in movies when people try to do the surprise greet. You know the scene.. where the woman goes to surprise the man she’s seeing, but there he is with another woman, or two, or he’s dressed like a woman, or he isn’t there, or he’s drunk, or he wasn’t happy to see her.

Putting that out of my mind, I called for a cab to the airport around 10:40pm. The airport here is way out in the country. The cab driver was a unique man with interesting things to say, but what cab driver isn’t. It cost $30 to get out there, so I was really hoping J. would be on his scheduled flight.

On the way into the airport with my cab driver, 5 little deer ran across the airport driveway in front of us. That brings my weekly deer total to 16. Not bad, eh?

I was at the airport at 11:00pm, but the rumour hanging around the maybe 8 people in the entire airport, was that the plane from Toronto was coming in early. I grabbed an iced tea from the beverage machine and grabbed a seat to watch “That 70’s Show” on the televison.

The plane was there by about 11:25pm. I surprised him good. So good it seemed like it took a couple minutes for him to realize I was there. He was walking into the airport with his head down so he almost walked right into me. Hehehehhe. Got him good. And no, there were no bad movie scenes – no other women, and he wasn’t dressed as a woman. Hehehehe. Whew.

So it’s Friday. I’m a little sleepy but it was worth it.