Monty and I walked up to the pet store today. He’s a really good walker on leash. I hope he keeps that trait! Unfortunately he pooped while we were crossing a street!! (Yes, I picked it up).

He went puppy-psycho for the lady who runs the pet store – crying and whining and singing and wiggling. She gave him a cookie.

I stopped and talked to the older gentlemen who lives a couple doors down from me. I hadn’t met him before even though they’ve probably lived there for almost a year already. He recently lost his dog to cancer so he wanted to talk about her for awhile. He told me the guy across the street had his van spraypainted the other night. He said the man who lived there before had his vehicles stolen a few times! Oh please let me move before any ever vandalizes my place more than ripping out my tulips (I still think that boobie-trapping my tulips with razor blades this spring will prevent it from happening a third time).

I’m listening to “James Blunt” right now. It’s a nice CD. Monty is passed right out.