While I’ve become a germaphobe – I cover my hands with my sleeves to open door knobs at work and I flush the toilet with my foot now – I gave a germ-free exemption to J. and now I have a cold. So I guess my neener-neener-neener rants at J. last week when he had a cold and I was healthy didn’t do me any favours. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with tonsils so sore I couldn’t swallow. OUCH!

So back to my 10K step challenge. Yesterday’s total was 5376 steps I think – actually that’s just from 1pm onwards after I bought it. I’m at 1001 steps today so far (it’s noon). The booklet that came with the pedometer suggests that if my daily average is 5K-7.5K that I should be up to 10K steps in 6-12 days. I’ll keep ya posted.

It’s lunch time and I am absolutely not hungry at all. Must be the walking, or the cold, or the tennis ball sized tonsils, or the Buckleys I gulped down (I LOoOOOOOVe Buckleys), or the sore throat lozenges. So I guess I’ll use my lunch break to write in my blog šŸ˜‰ Hi everyone (wave) !

OH YEAH! My house got nailed with a couple paintballs last evening. One on the side of my new steps and one on the back of my house. J. thinks it might have been an accident, but I’m suspicious. A lot of punks in my neighbourhood. I took digital photos before we washed off the paint. If it happens again… well I guess I’ll probably call the police .. although that’ll probably make me an even bigger target.