Well I got this great idea yesterday that I was going to start wearing a pedometer and aim for the famous 10K steps a day.

Today at lunch I went to Walmart and got a pedometer for $12.95. It’s just a simple one – step counting and that is all. It’s a little gadget you wear on your belt and reset each morning.

I put it on just before 1pm. I was excited to see how fast steps accumulated each time I got up at work to go to the bathroom! After work I took Monty for a 40 minute walk. We’re both pooped. Step count since 1pm = 3720. Whew!

The idea is that 10K steps is about 5 miles or 8 km. The experts figure that represents at least 30 minutes of additional walking a day which should keep you healthy. To lose weight, you should aim for 12K steps a day.

I know that in University I was in WAY better shape. Probably because I had to walk everywhere and I loooooooved walking. I didn’t eat any better then than I do now. Walking is easy and enjoyable and something I can do with Monty so this is a good idea.

I don’t think Monty, as a 5 month old pup, should necessarily be pushed to walk longer than we did today, so I’ll have to get in extra steps on the treadmill. The booklet that came with the gadget said to start with 5K steps and increase.

Does anyone else do the step counting thing?