The Mantracker show starts tonight on OLN. You may remember my blog post about it – here, refresh your memory. The Mantracker himself, one of the guys who is tracked on the show, and another fan have already left comments on that thread!

From the OLN page, it looks like they are airing two episodes tonight:

Mantracker – Episode One “Jeff and Magnus”
Premieres Wed., April 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
Jeff Bremner, 47, is an oil prospector from Medicine Hat, Alberta; and Magnus Mulliner, 34, is a fitness and wellness consultant from Calgary. These two may both be from Alberta – but this is where the similarities end. If they are going to outwit Mantracker in Alberta’s ranch country, they will have to find some common ground. The terrain is rough, putting Mantracker and his horses at a serious disadvantage in this chase. Will Mantracker and local guide TJ capture these two tenacious prey despite the terrain? Or will Bremner and Mulliner overcome their differences and outrace Mantracker?

Mantracker – Episode Two “Liisa and Nicolina”
Premieres Wed., April 12 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
Liisa McMillan, a freelance writer and Nicolina Lanni, a journalism student, are two young women with steely resolve – and they want to make this the toughest challenge Mantracker has ever faced. To make sure of that, they push themselves to their physical and psycholical limits – facing paralyzing phobias – and drag Mantracker through a maze of thick bush and swamp. Mantracker’s horse is in danger and he’s not happy about it. Nobody’s safe in this adrenaline-packed game of hide-and-seek.

Mantracker Websites: – The offical show’s site – includes a video preview clip
The Chase Is On – Mantracker Premieres April 12 on OLN – Information from OLN (Outdoor Life Network)

‘Mantracker’ pits hunter against prey
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