Yes it is Day 11 of this cold that lingers on and on. Today I was a bit better. I did too much outdoor work on Saturday in the wind and it really bothered my ears for the rest of the weekend.

I found a bike in my back yard yesterday morning. Well more of a scooter – the kind with no seat – the kid stands on one leg. Looks expensive and new. It was in the back corner by the fence so the jackasses behind me probably tossed it over. I found a cut padlock too. I put it in my garage and today after work J. offered to go talk to the neighbours (because I’m a non-confrontational chicken, and he’s a big strong man). I figured they probably stole it or why would it be in my yard so we agreed I should call the cops. They had me drop it off at the station tonight. So it’s out of my hands. (Of course J. drove me to the station too because I’m scared of the world.)

I just realized I haven’t had dinner yet, so I’ll report back later, gotta eat.

K Back, dinner is cooking. Monty will be 6 months on in 4 days. Today he weighed 49 pounds!!!

Highlights of the past weekend:
-moved my 10×20 foot kennel run to the old garden. I love having my yard back! I still need to level it a bit and figure out how to rig the bottom edges so Monty can’t dig out.
-I rebuilt my flower garden along the edge of the kennel and edged with rocks.
-J. made the most delicous ribs – he put a peppery rub on them the day before and then smoked them. They were soooo goood
-My lucky Lotto 649 ticket was a dud.
-We had a good retriever practice session with the retriever club. Monty’s got a lot to work on, but he isn’t doing too bad at all.