My interest was tweaked just enough with the initial advertising that I just had to give ‘Big Love‘ a try.

The first two shows seemed so ridiculous to me – like they were trying to be so extreme and controversial, just to make people watch. In fact, the first two episodes I watched, I turned it off before it was over!

But I tuned in again the next week.

And now I’m hooked. It worked. The show theme is so crazy, yet I haven’t missed another second of the show and look foward to it every week!

Okay, so what is this profound show I’m carrying on about?

Big Love is about a family of polygamists in Utah. The father, Bill Paxton, has three wives, Barb, Nicki, and Margene. Between the 3 wives, Bill has fathered 7 children.

Because polygamy is illegal, they try to keep their family life a secret. They have three houses, side by side, on a typical subdivision street. Only their backyards are attached as one big yard with a pool. When Bill comes home from work, he enters his first wife’s home, and if it isn’t her ‘night’, then he says his hellos and continues on out the back door and into the home of the wife who is scheduled to be with him that night.

The entire thing is crazy, and I can’t imagine what woman in their right mind would ever want to share her husband, let alone a husband dealing with 3 wives!

The storylines are catching and continue on each week as most television dramas do. The character development is fantastic. I am compelled to care for them all (well maybe not the evil Roman, one of Bill’s father-in-laws.

Big Love airs on the Movie Network on Sunday nights at 10pm (after Sopranos).

To read more about the show, you can visit the Big Love offical website: