J. and I went to two auctions this weekend – a police auction and an auction of the rest of the stock of a closing furniture store. When we arrived at the furniture store to look around, I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye, until I noticed the Golden Retriever framed art print on the wall.

There was just something about the Golden – perhaps the look on his face reminded me of my dogs, I am not sure – but for the first time of all the auctions we’ve been to, I actually really wanted something! And I got it! For only $25!


It has a beautiful oak frame and is over 2 feet tall and closer to 3 wide. It has two layers of matting – really beautiful. It is a print, but the original was definitely a painting. I’ll have to research and see if I can find out anything more about it.

I had to take the photo on an angle so the flash wouldn’t reflect off the glass. It looks really nice on my bedroom wall with the blue paint I have in there (thanks Mom for painting that when I moved in!).

It must be a bargain because when I tried to frame a much smaller photo of Winger and Surf a couple weeks ago, the framing store wanted to charge me $198 for the frame and matting! (No I didn’t pay it, I went to Walmart and framed it for $20).