My boss just offered me a 3 month extension to my job contract so once the paper work is done, my contract will wrap up during the first week in November.

I am due for my annual increment in August, about a week after my current contract was up, so this is good news. I’m also waiting for our new collective agreement (and we damn well better not have to strike or I’ll be sure to make some enemies because I refuse) which will mean another increment. woo hoo.

‘Da boss also said that after that, it looks dicey for having money to extend it farther so it could be a real bleak looking Christmas if I’m unemployed and living in my truck.

UPDATE: YES YES YES YES YES – Looks like there will be no strike, and I’ll be getting a nice back pay cheque! Details:

“Rates of pay will increase by 2.25% (effective December 22, 2004), 2.4% (effective December 22, 2005) and 2.5% (effective December 22, 2006). The current retention allowance will continue until December 20, 2006. In addition, all rates of pay will increase by a flat rate amount of $900 to all employees. In addition, there will be a signing bonus of $300 and other important improvements.”

Full Press Release: