I just dropped Monty off at the kennel for an free afternoon trial run. I plan to have him board there for a weekend while J. and I go on a short vacation.

I didn’t cry, but wow they are good. I barely had the door shut and they were taking him out of my hand. I fought with the leash wrapped around my hand because I didn’t want to let him go. And then.. poof.. he was gone with two of the kennel attendants into the back room. I still have a cookie in my pocket I was going to give him before I left 🙁

And this is only for a few hours. Just wait until I have to leave him there for a weekend. I’ll cry for sure! No wonder they yank your pet away, they don’t want them to sense your anxiety.

It’s going to be a looooong afternoon.

UPDATE: Monty did just fine at the kennel. The staff loved him and said he showed no fear of them, and he went from inside to his outside run and back inside easily where another new dog who was test driving the kennel couldn’t figure out how to get back inside. Whew. Hopefully I won’t cry for too long when I leave him there for 3 days.