A friend of mine, Darren Schnare, is in Scotland for the summer participating in a video game development competition.

Darren joined us at work for several months for a co-op placement. He’s a bright guy with a successful future ahead of him, I am sure. He’s creative and inventive and eager to learn. I was excited to hear he was able to participate in this opportunity.

He is one of a team of five from Algoma University who are taking part in the Dare to be Digital competition at the University of Abertay-Dundee, in Dundee, Scotland. Also joining the team in Scotland, a sixth member, an international student from India. I believe the competition is 10 weeks in duration. A summer in Scotland, not bad, eh?

Darren has put together a website that will show their progress. He hopes to have weekly video-casts, team clothing, updates, and photos.

The site is http://www.log2n.ca

Good luck team!