I had never been to a drive-in theatre, so on Friday night J. caved to my pleas and we went!!

The two movies playing were “Over the Hedge” and “The DaVinci Code”.

It was such an experience!!! First off, bring bug spray!! We didn’t. It was really hot and humid so we couldn’t leave the windows closed. Pretty much we just fed the mosquitos!

I really felt like we stepped back in time. It had the old shack/popcorn/arcade booth in the middle of the field. After the first movie the well kicked out so the toilets all wouldn’t work anymore. It was $8 a person for the evening – quite reasonable.

Over the Hedge was a good movie. Not hilarious. Entertaining, but not brilliant. J. didn’t seem to enjoy it much. We munched on their popcorn. It came in just a brown bag, and had REAL butter. It was pretty good. We brought our own sodas. Now that I have noticed that even diet coke has caffeine in it, I bought diet-caffeine-free-Pepsi that wasn’t that addictive, that is for sure.

By the time the DaVinci Code started, I was plenty tired. It was close to midnight. I hadn’t read the book but J. had. The movie is all filmed in dark rooms so it didn’t help keep me awake. And it is long. I did lots of head-nodding. Often my head was leaning on a shoulder and I’d only have one eye open enough to see the screen. I watched most of the movie. It was an interesting idea, but Tom Hanks and his co-starring lady were real duds. There was just no character development. It was like they were just acting out a book.

I think we left at about 2:30am when the movie was over. I was soooo sleepy-eyed that by the time I got to sleep, Monty and I didn’t wake up until 11am the next morning!! Impressive Monty – thanks bud!