Has BeenI know you’ve been dying to know what CD I picked up to take on our Cabela’s vacation.

Well wait no longer!!

I had heard various cuts of this CD played on CBC over the last couple of years but I was never able to fully “acquire” it. So I bought my second CD of the month (year actually).

It’s called Has Been by William Shatner.

This CD is fantastic! I really enjoy listening to it. Despite what you may think, it’s actually a talented, well put together album. The music is put together by the talented Ben Folds. Mr. Shatner is the front man – although he doesn’t sing – it is more of a spoken word album – but it works!

The first song is “Common People” – a cover of a song originally done by Pulp. This version is possible even BETTER than the original! It is really catchy and I find myself playing it really loud through my headphones a few times a day at work.

Shatner wrote many of the songs himself. One is really dark and void of any music. It is about him finding his wife drowned in their backyard pool. Others are just fun – with lyrics like “Live life like you’re gonna die…. because your gonna.” A few guests join him, like Henry Rollins and Brad Paisley.

So my rating is 5 stars out of 5. I thought this album would just be a funny whimsical album that would be funny to play on a road trip – but it turned out to be very entertaining, fun to listen to – but it isn’t funny at Shatner’s expense – he’s got talent!