Ahhhh sweet relief. Jian Ghomeshi is taking over for Shelagh Rogers for the summer. That means two things for me:

1. CBC won’t be playing repeats all summer. Nothing is more annoying for daily listeners than listening to radio interview repeats.
2. I won’t have to hear Shelagh Rogers on my radio for 10 weeks. I have nothing personal against the lady, but I just am so tired of listening to her. She doesn’t interest me in the least and her laugh is way over the top. With any luck, Jian will be a smash hit over the summer and they will shuffle Shelagh out of the line-ups again.

Now if we could just get rid of Kelly and Cameron in the afternoon. If I could get satellite reception through this north facing window here at work, I’d switch to Sirius satellite radio in a heartbeat so I didn’t have to listen to Kelly and Cameron on Freestyle. That show is a piece of garbage. I’ve never liked it. I usually switch to listening to CD’s from 2-4 in the afternoon because it aggravates me soooo much.

I do enjoy my morning show, Morning North, out of Sudbury with Markus Schwabe. And the noon show, Ontario Today, with Alan Neal is always enjoyable (unless he’s away – his fill-ins are duds).

There’s my latest take on CBC Radio One’s Daytime Weekday lineup.