J. and I went fishing today!! J. has a canoe so we went out, not too far from town, to a nice lake surrounded by cottages. We paddled to the far end and worked our way back. I was smart enough to wear sunscreen this time too!! (only I seemed to have missed a couple of inches on my thigh because it’s burned)

J. caught the cutest little fish!! It was so cute I forgot my seat wasn’t attached to the bench in the canoe and J. thought I was going to flip us over. hehe. I didn’t even get a bite but that is okay, I just like being out in the canoe with J. and enjoying the beautiful weather.

When I tried to get to my house, I couldn’t! There was a police barricade blocking the road! And officers were all around with guns drawn! I had to take quite a detour before I was able to get home. Turns out some knucklehead was walking around waving a gun and then went into the apartment buildings and wouldn’t come out. There were 12 police cars, a police motorcycle, the canine team, and a big mobile command centre. They had a couple blocks completely barricaded. After 3 hours or so he surrended. Turns out it was a fake gun too. Knucklehead.