More guns, police barricade, and smoked ribs

Geez another police barricade this morning, even closer to my house than yesterday’s!

Another knucklehead with a gun (real this time) locked in a house. The police evacuated the immediate neighbouring houses and blocked off a couple of blocks from traffic and people.

A few hours later he surrendered and was taken to a mental facility for a check-up.

In other news..

J. was over today using his Bradley smoker. He did some really nice ribs for dinner. They had a very peppery rub that was pretty spicy, but I toughed it out! Damn he knows how to make good food!


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  1. Lisa, get out of there!You are not safe! Or at least that is what you would tell me that if I said there was someone around my place with a gun.
    I love you!

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