A month or two back I bought a set of wooden tv tables for my living room – you know the kind that you can sit in front of your recliner to eat dinner on in front of the TV, and then fold up and sit on a little stand when you are done?

I really like these ones – they are made out of natural rubber wood, and are solid and heavy.

The only problem is I continually hurt myself when trying to put them away.

Last night I was folding one back up and before I knew it, it had sucked up three of my fingers into the joint were it folds and I was left standing in the living room with my three fingers totally pinched and I couldn’t get them out without attempting to re-pinch them by opening the legs and I was trying to get the words out to J. who was standing in the kitchen to come and save me. After what felt like 2 minutes (but was probably only a few seconds), J. realized I really was stuck in the tv tray table and he came running to save me. After he got my fingers out I fell to the floor in tears.

For most of the evening my three fingers throbbed and pulsed and I moaned and whined. I need to find a better way to fold up those tables because they are just soooo dangerous! (they’re really heavy!)

Today my fingers have a general discomfort about them as I type, but they aren’t too bad compared to last night.

Last night at 10pm it was still a 37°C humidex outside! My air conditioner wasn’t really keeping up to cooling my entire house so we all bunkered down in my bedroom, ate some popcorn, watched Holmes on Homes, and enjoyed the coldness. Thank goodness they are predicting cooler weather for our retriever trials this weekend.