Highlights of the past weekend:

=> J. took me out for a nice dinner on Friday night. We attempted to go to the Buttermilk ski hill north of town where they have a fish fry on Friday nights. I still think we crashed a private party. There were many people there, but still several open long banquet tables. J. got the attention of a wait staff member and she left and came back and said they weren’t able to serve us, with no explanation. Fine. Last time I’ll go there. So we went back to town and ate at Amici’s. It’s an odd restaurant that is very noisy, but the food was good and the beer was good too 😀

=> We took a nice drive to St. Joseph’s Island and visited some touristy shops and had a nice lunch near the Hilton Beach waterfront

=> Monty got out to the retriever club for some water retrieves. The leeches are out in full force. He didn’t get any on him luckily. Usually I don’t take the dogs there much past August because the water gets skunky. This weekend is our big International Retriever Trial so it’ll be a busy weekend.

=> J. smoked a big pork butt roast that is really yummy and which will feed us for days.